Anthology Radio is the podcast the Video Shop team uses to do all the podcast shows they don't have the time for. It originated as VS Sports, Sam's desire to talk about sports, but he and Bass could only keep it up for 10 episodes. In doing so they inadvertently created Anthology Radio, a place of experimentation. Below are links to the shows created so far by Anthology Radio. 


Season 1 - VS Sports

Do you want an informative show that teaches you a wide range of sports knowledge? You may want to look elsewhere. Do you want a show about two guys pretending to know a wide range of sports? Look no further!


Future Season - Life After Death

What happens after you die? No one truly knows. But Sam, Annabelle and more are going make it up. On each episode our team is going to invent an afterlife and discuss how/what/why it exists and what the implications of such an afterlife would be.  



Future Season - The Screenplay Lives

The Screenplay Lives rotating cast will delve deep into the internet and bring to the surface any unmade script they can to read on the air as if it is actually happening. Starting with its namesake, the quintessential unmade film - Superman Lives.